Film Review

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First watch the film:
Second: Answer only one of the following questions in a short essay (2 double-spaced pages, with font size 12 and MLA style). Support your ideas with specific examples from Luis Puenzo’s La historia oficial (The Official Story.)

1. The plot of the movie focuses on Alicia, her husband Roberto, and their daughter Gaby. However, there are many other characters in the movie, among them Alicia’s students, her colleague Benítez, her friend Ana, Roberto’s father and brother, and Gaby’s grandmother. In your opinion, why is the presence of so many characters important for the movie’s main subject? You may write about the relevance of all them in general, but you will also need to focus on two or three of them and explain their specific importance for the movie’s story and ideas.

2. Although Alicia is the main character and there are many secondary characters, including some direct victims of state violence, all the events in the movie actually originate from and focus on an indirect victim: Gaby. In your opinion, why did the writers and director of this movie choose a child as the central point of the story? How does this choice contribute to explain and develop the main ideas of the movie?

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