Genre Celebration

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One idea for the Genre Celebration is to share an author, illustrator, or poet (depending on the genre). For example, read a minimum of 3 to 5 books (three novels or five picture books). Include these books in your documentation. For the Genre Celebration, display information about the author’s, illustrator’s, or poet’s life, books; and ways that children might study and enjoy that person’s works in the classroom or library setting. You might also think of some ways to invite your involvement.

Note: This is only one example. There are many ways to share a genre with the class. See suggestions throughout the textbook and review children’s literature websites for ideas.

The books that are examples of the genre need to be the focus of your celebration. For example, if you are thinking of some kind of craft or art project, it should be in response to the book and not the focus. Make the books the focal point.

Choose a genre for the celebration. Narrow the genre by choosing a focus and 3 to 5 books to use in the celebration. Be creative!

Create a minimum 15-slide presentation that includes: A summary of the books How the books relate to each other and your chosen focus Literary elements How you would present this in an engaging way to students What standards or grade level goal you would be working toward What benefits these books will provide students How you would facilitate and assess student responses to the literature

Include speaker notes consistent to what would be said in an in-person presentation.

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