2 page Reflection Essay

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PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASS ( Make sure to use concepts in answers related to what was learned during the semester. Also power points are attached to get concepts and a grading rubic. 

Reflection paper serves as an opportunity for you to analyze the presentations you have given this semester and reflect upon what you have gained through your application of lecture material. 

You will submit one reflection paper that answers all of the following questions. 

Your paper must be a minimum of two pages in length, typed in Times New 

Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced. You may number each of your 

answers, incorporate bullet points, or structure it in paragraph form. Grading 

will be based on your incorporation of textbook terms and the quality of your writing.  Mechanics count and deductions will be assessed for errors in spelling, grammar, and structure. 

1. Imagine that you have been a member of your audience and have listened

to all of the presentations you have given.  Reflecting on each of your 

speeches individually, answer the following questions with specific 


a.Would you have enjoyed listening to your speech?  Why or why not?

b.For your informative and persuasive speeches: Would you have been

convinced by the evidence presented – why or why not?  How likely 

would you be to make changes or take action based on what you 

heard – why or why not?  I did my informative speech on Sport of Football and the persuasive speech on Not texting while driving .

2.Do you believe that your public speaking skills have improved throughout 

the semester? If so, what aspects of your verbal and nonverbal delivery 

have improved? What about your ability to organize your speech and 

incorporate research-based material? If not – why not? Speaking in front of people and writing speeches in general.

3. Will you approach future presentations differently now that you have had 

this experience?  If so, how (i.e. outline format, practicing beforehand, etc.)?  If not – why not?

4.What personal challenges will you continue to face in future speaking 

opportunities?  How will you navigate these challenges or turn them into 

positives? Being shy and speaking in front of people

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