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After reflecting on chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, create a 15-slide   presentation covering the following topics, paying particular emphasis   on item three: Briefly explain the Genesis account of creation (first two     chapters). The point is not to retell all aspects of the story in     detail, but just to make the message of the Bible clear. Explain and support your interpretation of the origin of the     universe. Here you may want to address evolution, age of the earth,     and whether or not it can be reconciled with the message of the   Bible. Express how your understanding of the origin of the     universe impacts your worldview, specifically your view of God, of     humanity, and responsibility to care for the earth.

The first slide will be the title slide including your name and   course information. The last slide(s) will be your list of references.     Cite all sources, including the Bible, as you would in an essay. The   in-text citations should be placed on the actual slides in the   presentation so the audience can see them. Put basic content on the   actual slides and footnotes or ref in the notes section.   Also, utilize the attached “Origins Presentation Template”   to complete the assignment.In an effort to keep the file sizes reasonable, use no more than   four low-resolution images. As in all aspects of this course, show   respect for all other views, with no condescension. Keep your   presentation positive and focused on what you believe, not on what you   do not believe.Use two to four resources, in addition to the Bible.

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