response to the reading and film

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The name of the Movie and the name of the articles are in the picture that I uploaded and please follow the instructions below: Please use the following questions as a guide in composing your response: If you had to reduce the thesis of each the readings to a single sentence, what would each sentence be? If you had to compose an exam question based on this weeks readings and viewing material (but also linking to other materials we read and view this quarter), what would the question be? (The question can consist of multiple sentences.) What is the single most striking scene in the viewing homework movie, for you, and why? What is memorable about it? Were the characters having a striking conversation? Did it remind you of something, such as a scene in another movie? Was it shocking or unusual to you, and if so, why? If you had to develop a final paper based on this reading and/or viewing, what kind of topic would you choose? Please write approximately 350 words. You may write more if you wish. Movie name :  The Eye, by Danny and Oxide Pang.  Another file called ltea response is a sample of the work, thank you so much.

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