writing a profile piece laid out like a magazine article and written in a journalistic style

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  For Project , you will produce a 2–page magazine-/journalistic-style profile of an individual involved in social or cultural entrepreneurship. 

Project 2 should engage you in: 

• reviewing profile pieces and identifying how they’re written (including style, tone, approach, etc.); 

• identifying and researching a specific person involved in social or cultural entrepreneurial work; and 


• writing a profile piece laid out like a magazine article and written in a journalistic style. 



  Once you’ve chosen the person you want to profile, use reporter-style questions to start digging into their background and researching the work they do: 



Who is this person and how are they engaged in social or cultural entrepreneurship? (Where do they work? Where did they go to school? What attracted this person to their career? Who or what communities are they advocating for? What sorts of change are they attempting to make in the world?) 


• Where does this person work? (What sort of organization/s? With what sort of affiliations?) 



• What does this person do? (What are some of the things they do as part of their work? Who do they interact with? How do they spend their days?) 


• What are some of the impacts of their work? (Has their social or cultural entrepreneurial work resulted in change in the world, media attention, securing funds, etc.?) 


Again, if you have access to the person and can interview them, you can do an interview-based profile. If not, however, you can write more of a research-based profile based on what you’ve researched, read, and gathered about and by them. 


Your Project 2 product will be a magazine-style article about 2 pages long; feel free to lay the piece out as such and to include photos, graphics, samples, examples, and materials that help you show who this person is and what they do. Your article should be written in a general journalistic style. 

In the profile: 

1. include elements that a typical profile piece includes (e.g., snappy, descriptive title; byline); 


2. introduce the person, for instance: who they are, where they went to school (or where they go to school), what they do professionally, what they write/do/create personally, etc.; 


3. describe the work they do and how it is social and/or cultural entrepreneurship in nature; 


4. review or explain or describe some of their work (include examples!); 


5. conclude by discussing the impact their work has had or that they want it to have on the world; and 



6. include a works cited section where you provide complete citations for all of the work you summarized, quoted from, paraphrased, and otherwise used in your Project 2work. 



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