Should the U.S accept Syrian Refugees?

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I want a 800 words about the topic “Should the U.S accept Syrian Refugees”

there should be in intro 

and after that 

you will divide the essay into 2 main points

Main point 1: the problem

would be about the problem as it now that the U.S do not accept syryan refugees. This could include a lot of different things such as the U.S. not playing its part in resolving this humanitarian crisis ect.


Main 2: the solution

your second main point is when you bring in your solution (which would be to accept them into the U.S.)

This is where you could bring in examples from around the world (Canada & Germany for instance) where refugees have been accepted in. 


I need at least 6  sources

you must state the source in the essay e.x: accouring to ……

and in the citation 

don’t just cite the source in the refrence page

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