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In this journal entry, respond and write using the instructions listed below. Your response should be cohesive (in paragraph form, not as a list). Use academic writing conventions, and proofread before submitting. For journal entries, always copy and paste text into the journal entry (do not attach files; do not write in the comments box). Don’t consult any outside sources. If you’d like to quote an article, be sure to include an MLA-style citation. All quotes should be in quotation marks (see MLA Help in Resources area for advice on this).

Your journal entry should be a cohesive 200 – 300 word entry


The response must: Evaluate your progress as an writer. Your target audience consists of incoming students who are new to college level writing and can benefit from both your successes and your struggles writing this semester. Don’t be afraid to highlight weaknesses in your writings. Your self-evaluation should provide a balanced account of your writing journey. As you brainstorm, use these questions to guide your thinking about what makes for good writing and how you used the writing tools in your essays: What specific skills or strategies are most important when writing? (In other words, briefly state what characterizes good writing.) How have your uses of these skills or strategies changed over the duration of the course? For example, maybe you didn’t realize the full importance of good academic research, using evidence and proof effectively, and/or the need for revision. Maybe you didn’t know to include these elements at all.

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