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first off read this WHOLE MESSAGE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVENT. I AM LOOKING FOR ONE TUTOR TO STICK WITH ME FOR THE NEXT 9 MONTHS TO A YEAR- MY BUDGET WILL BE $200 A MONTH. I will be completing my discussion questions and responses i simply need you to complete my papers. the school does have TURN IT IN  and I will expect you to use it to turn in and send me the results for the papers so i know for sure ITS UNDER 20% consistent and dependable- you will get ALL of the assignments twice a month and you will have ONE WEEK to get them done – around 4 -5 papers or assignments- and that will be given to you twice a month. again YOU WILL HAVE ONE WEEK for 5 assignments to get them done – if you do well AT THE END of the degree in BUSINESS LEADERSHIP I will give you a BONUS payment as a thank you . This is for a Degree in Leadership and the only thing you will be doing will be papers. I have my wifes old papers from her time in school – she took the same degree- and you can use that AS A GUIDELINE – MY PAPER CANNOT be the SAME AS HER PAPER- it will show up in Turn it in!!- THEY CANNOT BE THE SAME but you can use her paper to know how to format my paper- ONLY A for a grade is accepted so I NEED YOU TO FOCUS- I DO NOT appreciate someone who doesnt know how to communicate. And I will expect this to be submitted by the deadline. I need you to FOLLOW directions for ALL ASSIGNMENTS. We will be working together for the next year- IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we stay in communication it is very important you submit all papers with the deadline I give you- this will start this coming Monday June 3rd. and will end next year 2020 in May- TWICE A WEEK- I WILL NOT talk or pay you anywhere else but homework market to make sure I am protected with my payment and assignments- The assignments will be broken up in payments so you get paid per assignment but the total will ALWAYS BE $200 a month- I AM NOT negotiating do not ask me to increase price that is my budget for the month for the next 12 months. Some assignments are longer than others but like i said you will have my wifes papers to use as a guideline just as long as you DO NOT COPY THE PAPER- USE IT AS A GUIDELINE

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper