Raisin in the sun paper

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 no other sources need only the book


 The paper must include a brief summary or overview of the play before diving into the analysis. Student’s thesis will make an assertion about the play while taking into consideration the themes, symbolism, diction, patterns, and literary devices found within the play. In taking these elements into perspective, a student is able to analyze the play and make connections about the play.  

These are possible ideas for the essay: Choose to analyze one character and how they impact the theme/plot Choose to analyze two characters and how they impact the theme/plot Choose to focus on the overall plot and how this impacts the theme Choose to focus on how the dialogue/diction captures the era 

These are just some ideas, students do not need to use any of these for their paper and may focus on another idea as long as it is an analysis on the play studied in class.  

4 pages (1000 words, 1300 words max)

MLA essay format

12 size, Times New Roman Font

Double Spaced

Microsoft Word Document (No Google Docs, No Pages)

Creative/unique title

Textual evidence to support claims/thesis

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