11252018- 750 words due in 6 hours

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So  for this project I have to listen to and analysis the Michael Jackson  video thriller and write 1,000 words about what’s going on, I did the  first 250 words and the project comes with a rubric.  So this means you need to  add on what I have already written, this means you read the 250  words I have written and continue from there adding 750 words.

This is the grading rubric.


This is the first 250 words so you can see how to do the rest.

Darkness falls across the land it silent you can’t hear anything but the  crickets … they are riding along and their car comes to a slow steep  stop and he turns to her and says “we are out of gas”. The focus quickly  switches and they start walking down the  street, he suddenly stops and turns to her and says “you know I like  you don’t you” she says “yes” and Michael says “I hope you like me as I  like you” and then he says “I was wondering could you be my girl” then  he pulls out a ring and gives it to her, then  he frantically pauses and says “I’ve got something to tell you, I’m not  like other guys’ the clouds suddenly clear and thinking he meant  something else the girl quickly responds and says “of course your not”  but little did she know what Michael really meant..  All of the sudden things started to get creepy, the clouds clear a full  moon shines on them and Michael started to what we can only describe  as…… change, Michael’s hands started to get bigger, his eyes are  glowing yellow, he suddenly has claws and fangs  and also hair is growing all around his face and body, his terrified  date let out a very loud SCREECH and ran from her now werewolf date into  the dark forest, growling very loudly Michael chases his date into the  forest. With his date running at full speed  Michael makes an abrupt stop and lets out very loud growl, he continues  to run after her and somehow ended up jumping in front of her, his date  falls onto the ground and screams in fear, Michael at this point has to  decide whether to be A monster or a man,  he lets out a loud growl while standing over his date. All of a sudden  Michael hears something he doesn’t like, its the sound of his dates  heart exploding from shock and fear. Michael suddenly realizes that this  means he has killed the women he was in love  with and wanted to be “his girl’.

This is the story arc that needs to be followed to complete the story  about the music video and the song, you have to zoom in to see it




It has to be 1,000 words thanks if this goes well I’ll be doing this again in the future

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