home work questions 4

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No outline just 200 words for each question and a reference

1) Fein, as quoted in Dahl (2011) saw the fusion centers as a major problem in that they engage law enforcement agents from around the US and share the domestic information, that may or may not lead to intelligence on terrorism. Dahl (2011) also mentions a study by RAND that notes that the US, during times of national security crisis curtails our civil liberties in favor of national security. I want you to consider which is more important, the rights of our citizens or the protection of the nation

2) What methods may work to better prevent money laundering in the future?

2a) What are some of the problems that law enforcement faces to detect money laundering?

2b) Why is the internet being utilized by criminal organizations to launder money and it becoming a significant threat?

3) What are the connection between globalization and child labor? Give examples.

3a) Does Globalization Create a ‘Level Playing Field’?

3b) What effect is globalization having on climate change?


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