writing associates with sociology

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here are ten questions for you to write
about (you will be required to answer all ten questions):

1. If a person doesn’t feel poor, are they still poor? Who gets to

2. If somebody can afford a flat screen TV or loan payments on a new
car, are they really living in poverty?

3. Can poverty be eliminated through Federal Programs and via cash
transfers to the poor?

4. The poverty experienced by the poor in America is primarily
psychological. Agree or disagree?

5. According to the Federal Definition, approximately 12.3% of adults
currently living in America are poor. If only 12.3% of adults are poor,
is that really a problem?

6. Why are the poor less likely to vote than their middle class and
upper class peers?

7. Are anti-poverty programs corrupting? Do anti-poverty programs (i.e.
Food Stamps, Cash Welfare, Unemployment Insurance) stifle initiative and
create dependence on government aid?

8. Suggesting that some poor people are just lazy…Why is that a
politically incorrect thing to say?

9. Why does poverty seem to cripple some people and inspire others? In
other words, why is that some people who grow up in poverty achieve
tremendous economic success and others stay in poverty throughout their

10. Will poverty ever be eliminated? Should it be?

For each of the above-mentioned questions, please write a 80-100 word
response. You must answer each question. All told, your overall word
count will be 800-1000 words.

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