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My course is Financial Management of Health Care Organizations.

Please review the outside reading article entitled ” ICD-10: From Assessment to Remediation to Strategic Opportunity, John J. Dugan, PWC, HFM” and comment on the value gained by Geisinger Health System performing an enterprise assessment prior to the implementation of ICD10.

Respond to at least 2 classmate (appx. 50 – 75 words).

My first classmate :

Geisinger Health System is located in Danville, PA. It is the countries earliest adopters of the enterprise electronic health record, health information exchange, and analytics. Geisinger has built a reputation for adopting ICD 10 before any other health organization. Before the implementation, Geisinger regulated the development and assessed the undertaking would last several years and dedicated internal resources, an external vendor for proper project management and a formal assessment. Geisinger also established a working committee with leaders who represented a functional area of the working sessions, ranging from directors and their staff, research managers, IT directors, clinical documentation specialists, etc. The enterprise assessment consisted of application inventory, data analysis, and process analysis which identified current and future systems used diagnostic codes and enabled management to seize upon the scope of remediation efforts.

Geisinger learned that vendors are affected by ICD-10 and an integration plan should be developed to manage the downstream impact from an IT standpoint. The data analysis analyzed data to process historical claims in a simulated ICD-10 environment. Their goal was to determine clinical areas that may be affected by the transition. Process analysis examined all business processes that would be affected by ICD-10 and Geisinger was able to build a greater awareness while documenting the critical process development affected by ICD-10. (Dugan, 2012). Geisinger recommended planning throughout the entire implementation process and health care organizations should take a strategic view on the conversion of ICD-10 and consider the benefits, efficiencies, having new technology, and improved patient care.

My second classmate :

The article focuses on Geisinger Hospital, one of the most successful healthcare organizations in the implementation of the EHR. It is an organization that has been featured by US leaders such as Obama because of its efforts in EHR implementation. The article stresses the importance of conducting an enterprise-wide assessment before even implementing the ICD-10. According to the cases study, there are different ways in which the Geisinger healthcare system benefitted from the enterprise-wide assessment.

The enterprise-wide assessment was very important to Geisinger healthcare. It helped the organization to identify the most important information that was needed for the implementation before it embarked on the planning for the ICD-10 implementation. Furthermore, the enterprise-wide assessment was very integral in helping the organization to assess and even justify the need for the CD-10 (Dugan, 2012). Through the assessments, it was possible to identify the key areas in the clinical practice that would be affected by the transition process. This enabled Geisinger to create an avenue for the participation of the relevant stakeholders, and consequently, a smooth transition was achieved (Dugan, 2012).

The assessments helped the organization to assess the resource needed. The assessment helped Geisinger to identify the internal resources that they needed and even the activities that had to be outsourced. It created awareness of the processes that would be needed for the ICD-10 to be done. In totality, the enterprise-wide assessment was very important to Geisinger. It helped the organization to identify the gap, costs and even the key processes that would be impacted by the implementation of the ICD-10. This helped the organization to prepare in advance and even create awareness of the different stakeholders on what was needed.

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