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Doctor-patient communication is of utmost importance but being culturally sensitive is not limited to providing an interpreter for patients who require one. Many aspects of communication are non-verbal, and culture plays a huge role in medical interactions. Everything from eye contact to whom to address in the exam room can be affected by patients’ cultural backgrounds. In some Jewish, Hindu or Islamic cultures, pork is not eaten. Since there are a number of medicines, such as insulin, that contain pork-based ingredients, there could be problems if a health care practitioner prescribes and/or administers such medicines to people of these cultures and beliefs.

Instructions: Address the following questions:

1.) Explain how individuals of Jewish, Hindu or Islamic cultures would perceive being required to take medications that include ingredients they don’t eat? Click or tap here to enter text.

2.) Do you feel the doctors and other medical practitioners of non-Jewish, Hindu or Islamic cultures perceptions would result from top-down or bottom-up processing? Be sure to explain your response. Click or tap here to enter text.

3.) What are some ways doctors and other medical practitioners may have formed these perceptions? (Provide at least two examples). Click or tap here to enter text.

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