business memo on agriculture in california 4 pages single spaced

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Predicting the impact of cancelling the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

on overall Business Strategy in the California agriculture industry
Key Themes
– Briefly discuss the development, purpose, and formalization of Business Strategy.
-Discuss the role of any relevant public policy and/or government legislation, and the
possible impact on the evolution of Business Strategy, in California agriculture
-Discuss how the end of NAFTA might change the ways that Agri-business Strategy is
developed and implemented in California, over the next 5 to 10 years
– Make specific business policy recommendations for the agriculture industry, over the next
5 to 10 years

IMPORTANT: The overall page length for your memos is a minimum of three (3) and a
maximum of four (4) single-spaced pages.




3-Conclusion and Recommendations


-Font size 12, single spaced, 5 references minimum

-Clear introductory sentence in first paragraph (e.g., “This memo is about /
concerns / will discuss . . . ” etc.)

“Details” section: all important supporting evidence is documented with
references (author or organization, and year) in the body of the memo
– “Details” section: good use of sub-headings to help ideas “jump out” at reader
– “Details” section: good use of white space (one line) between paragraphs
– “Conclusion and Recommendations” section: your recommendations for action
(or “next steps”) are clear and easy to read
-“Bibliography” / “References Cited”: use either APA or MLA format (note, I
might actually read this section first, in some cases!)

**Further instructions are included in the attachments and a sample memo

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