how has context shaped mr lincolns speech in 1863

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You can also use evidence from the previous Annotated Bib. but you have to alter them and use quotation

any other evidence you find have to be .EDU domain

More info:

-Use both books they say i say ans the little seagull for formatting.

– use quotation sandwich

-topic sent






-For summation, USE pg. 139 from the Little Seagull

-in result

-my conclusion, then, is that

In sum, then

– also use pages 125, 135, 137 in they say i say: do only use there pages there and DONT FORGRT TO USE THE LITTLE SEAGULL as well

  1. : Analyze how the historical and contemporary contexts help explain how and why the text was written. Your paper will have an introduction, several body paragraphs (6) that focus on a context (from the list above or your own), and a conclusion.
    1. INTRO: Start you paper simply with a paragraph setting out what you try to do. You are setting up your contextual analysis. You only need 5-6 sentences. Your thesis can be a question or statement of intent, e.g.,
      1. So then, what contexts shaped Mr Lincoln’s speech?
      2. This paper will attempt to contextualize Mr Lincoln’s famous speech, focusing on the various contexts that may have affected this work.
    2. ORGANIZE your paper around the types of contexts noted above. Try to use at least TWO sources to explain contexts. Start with a topic sentence:
      1. One of the key elements of context that affect this speech is _________.
      2. Clearly, Mr Lincoln’s speech was influenced by intellectual context.
      3. Perhaps the most significant context to shape Mr Lincoln’s speech is _______________ context.
    3. DEVELOP: After you state your topic sentence, use your sources: Professor Jones explains that ……………….. Moreover, noted Civil War historian Pippy Longstockings, in her 1925 book explains that …………………….. These points are significant. They reveal that Lincoln was almost certainly thinking ________ ___________ as he wrote his speech. REMEMBER: All information from sources must be linked to your sources. CITE OFTEN.
    4. ANALYZE: Remember you will need to think about and Explain Mr Lincoln’s audience: their expectations and needs. In rhetoric, audience is always a basic point. So as you analyze how certain contexts shaped Mr Lincoln’s writing, keep in mind the type of audience Mr Lincoln may have envisioned. Obviously, he composed for Americans, but what type?
    5. SUMMATIONS: As you close academic paragraphs, summations help readers see the whole point: e.g.,
      1. Thus, we see that X context plays a role in Mr Lincoln’s speech.
      2. As a whole, then, this context has clearly shapes the speech, in that this context may well be why Mr Lincoln ________ _________
      3. In sum, then, this context has affected many ideas in Mr Lincoln’s
    6. CONCLUDE: End briefly noting how your research reveals the context that shaped Lincoln’s speech.
  2. 2 PeerMarks of your peers Rough Drafts
  3. Revised Draft: You will revise your Rough Draft for clarity, grammar, organization, analysis, citing.


  • Length: 3 ½ pages, up to 5 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins.
  • Use MLA in-text citations for all information you learn from sources.
  • Works Cited separate page.

Grading Criteria:

  • Annotated Bibliography: 50 points possible by the amount of development. Write Notes mostly in your own words. Cite.

  • Rough Draft, 10 points possible by the amount of development

  • PeerMarks, 10 points

  • Revised Draft, 200 points possible:

    • 20% Depth of research
    • 35% Writing
    • 30% Analysis
    • 15% MLA style

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