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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

In 2010 president Obama instituted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This was part of the new health care reform that is current today. This helped to expand health insurance to those who did not have or couldn’t afford insurance. It also held hospitals accountable for readmissions, or injuries or illness caused by hospitalization. Medicare will no longer pay the hospitals if it feels that is was due to neglect. Hospitals are also given incentive payments for patients satisfaction and quality health care(Cherry & Jacob, 2017). This shifted the way of thinking for hospitals to not only treat the disease process, but also focus on wellness and prevention. It is in the hospitals best interest that the patient is not readmitted for the same disease process within the 30-day limit or else they will not get paid. In order for the hospital to make any profit from patient care it is important that they focus on error prevention and ensure that the patients’ health outcomes are met. They want to ensure that they reek the benefit of patient satisfaction and healthy patients with no hospital acquired injuries or readmission for 30 days. Insurance companies also charge more for unhealthy people, so there is incentive for people to become healthier like quitting smoking and reducing cholesterol levels. It is also incentive for employers who pay for insurance policies to get their employees to live healthy lifestyles bringing down the insurance cost to the company (Cherry & Jacob, 2017)

Nurses play an important role in wellness and prevention. We are the health care advocates. We help direct patients to the right care goals. We no longer sit back and just follow the orders given by the physician, we help instate a path of wellness the patient must take to ensure that they are fully capable of recovering without readmission to the hospital. Educating the patient in his or her disease and how to manage their disease process is very important so that they recovery fully without complications that may bring them back. Our new role is preventing the readmission of the patient and preventing potential problems during the patient’s hospitalization so that the hospital receives full payment and possibly inventive payments (Cherry & Jacob, 2017)


Cherry, B., & Jacob, S. (2017). Contemporary Nursing (7th ed.). Retrieved from!/4/2/24/14/8/4@0:100

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