education and autism

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Based on the case scenario in Topic 1, develop a sample teaching plan for maintenance following the sample located in this week’s textbook reading. Include the following in the teaching plan:

  1. Instructional goal;
  2. Objectives and mastery criteria;
  3. Measures and recording system; and
  4. Coding.
  5. (Instructionaldayschedule is upoliade.)

Respond to student Discussion board:

(JM) Response prompting strategies are instructional techniques that can be used to teach different discrete and chained behaviors (Barton & Harn, 2012). There are procedural characteristics that will increase the outcome of the target behavior. The first characteristic is that the target stimulus is presented in its final form. Second, the prompts are taught and delivered systematically to ensure the target behavior occurs in the presence of the target. Learners can respond to the target stimulus with or without prompts across trails in most instructional sessions. Differential reinforcement is used to transfer stimulus control from the prompts to the target stimulus. Finally, the prompts are systematically faded and removed to create success (Barton & Harn, 2012).


Barton, E. E., & Harn, B. (2012). Educating young children with autism spectrum disorders. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Corwin

(SP)Response-prompting strategies are when a teacher is using different prompting methods together in order to get certain desired behaviors from a student (Barton & Harn, 2012). The goal of the combining of the prompts and reinforcement is the student learning the desired behavior so the teacher can reduce or eliminate the prompts and reinforcements. With the mastery of the desired skill or behavior, a teacher will be able to move on to new skills for the student to learn. I use this type of strategy when teaching students how to complete job applications, resume, and cover letters. We start with small steps reinforcing and prompting them how to complete each. Once the student can complete each by themselves, they are able to fill out the application, add the cover letter and resume, without prompting or reinforcement.


Barton, E. E., & Harn, B. (2012). Educating young children with autism spectrum disorders. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Corwin

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