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The story below

In middle adulthood, the idea of dealing with our death becomes an essential factor. During this stage, individuals are noticing certain factors such as their age, how old their children are, the well being an status of their parents, the well being of themselves, and their impact on their social life (Mossler & Ziegler, 2016) Individuals start to estimate how much time they think they have left to live based on their current age and well being (Mossler & Ziegler, 2016). They also start to take more control over their lives and begin to plan for their death in case of emergencies.
A great example of this is my father. My father will be 48 years old this year. Over time he has started to take a more active role in his personal life, due to my siblings and I leaving the nest. He has also recently taken on a more active part in my grand father’s life, because of my grandfather is starting to lose his memory slowly. I remember my father saying to me “I am not sure how much time your grandfather has left, so I am trying to spend as much time with him as possible.”. He also has taken further action with his diet and nutrition. He now drinks less alcohol and works out daily.

As of latley, I have reached out more to my father and my grandfather as well. I check in with my father and try to find some interest in hobbies and topics he likes. I continue to encourage him to get involved in different hobbies and compliment him on his effort to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When I am in town, I try to spend as much time as I can with my father. Giving him quality time and conversation helps him keep a positive attitude and from feeling less lonely.

An excellent resource I would recommend to someone having a difficult time dealing with grief or the death of a loved one would be to talk to someone. This could be another family member, friend, therapist, or co-worker. Support groups are a great way to vent our feelings. An excellent website to use is called the grief recover method support group. In this grief support group an individual signs up for a 7 or 8-week program, that helps the person tackle their beliefs and difficulties with grief. It provides the individual with homework assignments to perform outside of the support group to help them deal with pain outside of the group.


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