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When you submit a forum posting, be sure to use the “CAPCON SYSTEM,” described below

Your forum grades depend on how well you learn and show you’ve learned CONCEPTS introduced in your textbook. To do this you must use the CAPCON system for all assignments. Whenever you are applying a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, type it in ALL CAPS. Also, whenever you apply a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, don’t just “name drop” it. That is, don’t just state the concept. You have to explain what the concept is and how it applies. Be sure to note the video you are discussing.


I saw the video on an astrologer reading someone’s personality. It was so fake I could tell he was making it up!


VIDEO VIEWED: This is a review of Jon Smith’s video on Astrology. Mr. Smith, the astrologer, claimed to use his client’s horoscope to predict that “something good will happen in the future” and that the client “recently had an accident.” In term of the textbook, the astrologer’s reading use using two tricks: VAGUE READINGS that can be interpreted in any way, and UNIVERSAL FACTS that apply to nearly everyone (nearly everyone has had a recent accident, even a small one.”


Find a current conspiracy theory that’s been in the news for the past few months. (Don’t pick an old conspiracy theory like those listed on page 54). Be concrete and specific, not vague. Identify which of the concepts on pages 54 and 55 in your text are illustrated. Use the CAPCON system. Explain just how each text concept you picked applies.


Some politicians use conspiracy theories to argue for their policies. I see lots of people in congress saying global warming is just a conspiracy theory. They say that others are trying to control us.


Congresswoman Mary Smith [not her real name] has introduced a bill in congress to cancel research on global warming. She says “Global warming is a plot by foreigners to get us to take money from defense to a worthless cause, thereby weakening us and making us more vulnerable to attack.” This quote reveals many of the characteristics of conspiracy theory thinking. It LACKS EVIDENCE. Congresswomen provides no facts or support. It is LESS PLAUSIBLE than alternative theories. For example, one alternative theory is that scientists want more money for research on global warming because the planet really is warming up! The claim is certainly SENSATIONAL. It ASSUMES MALIGN INTENT. Others want to cripple our defenses. And the claim seems to be BEYOND DISPUTE. Which foreign power wants to mess with us? It could be anyone. North Korea? Russia? Canada?

Your posting should be more extensive.

two classmates

Carlos Draper



Social media can be fun for most individuals. It can bring families and friends closer. Also, when it comes to businesses, a happy customer can expose them which can bring more customers to that business. On the other hand, a lying customer can go to social media and make a business seem unprofessional or nasty, which will make them potentially lose customers.

Shane Dawson is a popular internet theorist who has millions of followers. He claims that the restaurant chain, Chuck E. Cheese’s, takes pizza slices that customers leave then reserves it by combining it with a new pizza. It seems that his claim LACKS EVIDENCE. The proof he had was suspect. He posted pictures of pizzas on his Instagram page, but it does not look convincing. He never interviewed any members of the staff at Chuck E. Cheese.

Some people feel that Shane Dawson does this for attention. According to the website article titled, “Chuck E. Cheese’s oddly shaped pizza ignites a bizarre conspiracy theory viewed by millions on YouTube”,, “As The Verge noted, Dawson has posted disclaimers in the past explaining that his conspiracy-focused videos are intended for entertainment purposes only, not as statements of fact”. Shane’s theory is LESS PLAUSIBLE THAN ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATIONS. For instance, McDonald’s was accused of using burgers that wasn’t’ 100% beef. However, after actual testing by credible officials, it was proven that their burgers were 100% beef. This is a SENSATIONAL claim. As I mentioned earlier, social media can make a business seem unprofessional. A CRITICAL THINKING individual will not quickly believe most social media shenanigans.

Mariama Brown

Current Conspiracy Theory Analysis


The conspiracy theory that I found was the vaccine hesitancy, or the refusal to vaccinate or have one’s children vaccinated with the thought that they will be given an illness or disease of some types. This theory has been spread throughout various news and social media site for the past few years and has not lost steam. Many people believe in the claim that the MMR vaccines cause autism, in spite of this study being found false.

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