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You are responsible for writing and submitting a paper that analyzes a specified business ethics news item from the perspective of the ethical decision rule identified by your instructor.

The instructor will distribute the two best business ethics news items submitted by you or your classmates in response to the news-item submission assignment. You may choose one or the other for your paper topic. Only that article should be used in fulfillment of the assignment—the use of any outside sources without citation (which will not be accepted) constitutes plagiarism.

The instructor will also specify which of the six decision rules you must apply to the article. If you have kept up with the course content, absorbing the readings, videos, and class discussions, you will be able to write the paper effectively and efficiently. If you have not, you will need to become well versed in the selected theory before writing (without the benefit of class discussions), which will reduce the amount of time that you have available to craft an excellent paper. Identify the article’s major and its minor ethical issues, and analyze them from the perspective of that decision rule—as if you are “trying it on” as the decision rule that you might live by.

The paper must be between 275 and 300 words (absolutely no more); place your name and word count in the upper right-hand corner of the paper. You should think in terms of writing a 350-400 word paper, and then paring it down and crafting it into a very tight, brief paper that fits into the required word range. Do not write a “short” paper and then engage in puffery. The paper must be double spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font, and uploaded as a Microsoft Word attachment by the date and time listed in the course schedule. This time is a cutoff—you are welcome to submit the paper early. Papers that miss the cutoff will lose 25% of their points if submitted any time in the foloowing 24 hours, and will not be accepted after that time.

Your grade will be determined based on how closely your paper matches the above requirements, along with the depth of your analysis and the accuracy of your application of the decision rule. Invest sufficient time into thinking through, drafting, and refining your paper: It accounts for 20% of your course grade.

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