r data analyst

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From the data set that you selected, prepare a paper AND a Power Point that walks through the steps a Data Analyst or Data Miner should follow:

EDA and Descriptive Statistics, Data Munging and data preparation for analysis, etc. and choose one or more of the algorithms you learned over the past 3 weeks to apply to your data set. (For example: Cluster Analysis ,Association Analysis ,Linear Discriminant Analysis)

In your paper, include the rationale for your model selection as well as what the output is telling you and why this is useful considering your data set.

Remember, you need to approach this as if you were presenting to your boss, a CEO, or a Board of Directors. You need to select relevant business questions to answer. I can help you with that.

Once the paper is completed you will need to create a short 6-10 slide PPT presentation to share with the class.


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