history 1302 final exam

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  1. 1) On page 2 of this document, you will find the Final Exam Assignment. Your response to the question must be typed—twelve point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins. In writing your answer, please do not exceed five pages.
  2. 2) In your response, use only your assigned text(s), the instructor’s handouts, videos,or class notes taken from discussions. Do not use additional library or internet sources.
  3. 3) Your generalizations must be supported by direct citations from the text, class notes,or instructor’s handouts.
  4. 4) Citations should be made in MLA format. Click on HELPFUL LINKS: MLA button on eCampus if you need additional help.

Note: You must cite parenthetically throughout your narrative. Please follow this format. There should be many citations throughout your response taken from the sources noted above because assumptions and interpretations must be bolstered by citations. The strength of your response is dependent largely upon your citation of the assigned sources.

  1. 5) To earn your full points, please include in-text citations AND a Works Cited Page.
  2. 6) You must write your own, unique, independent answer to this question. Please try to write using your SCHOLARLY VOICE (3rd person Point of View: He, She, It, They).
  3. 7) Please use proper grammar and spelling, and try not to overuse 1st person POV: “I,Me, You, Your, Us, We.” Or 2nd person POV: “You, Your.” Also, please try not touse rhetorical questions or questions of any kind, but write a coherent, persuasiveessay.
  4. 8) Please look at the sample Rubric handout (under Final exam button) to see how your exam will be graded.
  5. 9) All papers will be checked for plagiarism! Make sure you properly site your sources in your essay (in-text citations) when quoting or paraphrasing source materials. Students caught cheating will face failure of the course and will be reported to the Dean. (and it will affect your academic record).


Click on the link below and watch Chimamanda Adichie discuss her ideas on the danger of a single story.

http://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_da… y.html

How would you apply her ideas to US history? Consider what you have learned over the course of this semester. What is the danger of a single story for US history? How are authors such as Zinn and other articles and videos you have read attempting to change this? Did you have a singular perception of US history before you began this course? What changed for you? Why?

Chimamanda Adichie was the 2008 MacArthur Foundation ‘genius grant winner.

Her Biography: http://www.l3.ulg.ac.be/adichie/cnabio.html

Please include quotes from Zinn or other articles and videos from Units 03 and 04 to support your argument. Please write a multi-paragraphed essay and include specific evidence of from Unit 03 and 04 assignments, readings, videos, etc. Please use MLA citations within your essay and a Words Cited page.

*Note: Include your Works Cited page on the same document as your essay. You should have a minimum of 4 different sources, but no more than 10.

*Note: try to write this in 3rd person Point of View (Scholarly tone): He, She, It, They. This essay is different than writing a discussion board. You are writing a scholarly essay supported with research.

Final Exam Grading Rubric

Below is a breakdown of the possible points a student can earn and why they might have points deducted:


Possible Points Earned:


Letter Grade:


Possible Reasons for Point Deductions

50pts to 48pts


The essay is well-developed, supported with clear examples and thoroughness of argument. Minor issues with MLA citations, Works Cited page, or grammar/spelling.
Essay contains a clear argument—i.e., lets the reader know exactly what the author is trying to communicate.



A little more elaboration of ideas, but overall a strong essay with good examples provided. All evidence is cited with in-text citations, but there are some minor problems with completeness or format of some citations. Minor grammar/spelling issues.

40 pts




Make sure all of your quotes have an in-text citation. Make sure the writing is not too informal. Problems with grammar/spelling issues. Write more in 3rd person POV, scholarly voice. Not enough sources or missing Works Cited page.



Student has the beginnings of some good ideas, but the essay is not developed enough. Student needs to provide more examples and tie back to the essay question and video. Please include multiple examples from Unit 01 and Unit 02 that include direct quotes using MLA In-text citations. Also, make sure your writing is not too informal. Write more in 3rd person POV. MLA in-text citations not correct; not enough sources or missing Works Cited page.



Not enough writing (essay too brief), not enough development of sources. Possibly major issues with grammar, sentence structure or overall format of the essay. Writing is not scholarly and too informal in tone. Not enough sources or missing Works Cited page.

Author attempts, but fails, to make an argument (e.g., starts with a rhetorical question/statement or anecdote that is never put into context). Essay has no clear organizational pattern.

25pts or less


Overall, there is not enough work here for this assignment. Please read all directions carefully. Student has the beginnings of some ideas, but they are not developed enough. Little or no quotes, no MLA in-text citations, and/or no works cited page.

No attempt is made to articulate an argument.

Automatic F if paper is plagiarized from another student, sources from the Internet, or no citations for sources used within the paper.


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