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Answer the following three questions: Apx 150-200 words each

1)Discuss how communication takes place in mechanistic and organic organizations.

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The mechanistic structure is central, meaning that it can only operate on a stable environment that can never be changed. An organic design, on the other hand, operates in an unstable environment meaning that the structure should be able to adapt to changes. In mechanistic, the top managers make decisions which are followed by the other members unlike in organic where different departments must make their own decisions. Communication in mechanistic design must follow the hierarchical route which starts from the top where the managers are.

The organic design uses a lateral communication system where different department are integrated for the information to flow (Kessler et al., 2017). The system formality in mechanistic design can only function with an order from the managers but under organic, different departments can function on their own without waiting for the orders because it operates on the unstable environment which is likely to experience changes from time to time. In mechanistic design, a hierarchy is followed, and the managers have to make all the decisions while organic, there is collaboration among the workers before any decisions can be made. Given the two designs, organic is easier to manage because there is collaboration when it comes to decision making and other activities.

2)Describe Miles and Snow’s strategy typology.

Here’s a helpful link: http://www.free-management-ebooks.com/news/miles-and-snows-organizational-strategies/

3)A dual hierarchy may seem an unusual way to design an organization, but the matrix is the correct structure when certain conditions are present. What are those conditions?

Helpful information:

Conditions for the Matrix dual hierarchy may seem an unusual way to design an organization, but the matrix is the correct structure when the following conditions are met:

•Condition 1. Pressure exists to share scarce resources across product lines. The organization is typically medium sized and has a moderate number of product lines. It feels pressure for the shared and flexible use of people and equipment across those products. For example, the organization is not large enough to assign engineers full-time to each product line, so engineers are assigned part-time to several products or projects.

•Condition 2. Environmental pressure exists for two or more critical outputs, such as for in-depth technical knowledge (functional structure) and frequent new products (divisional structure). This dual pressure means a balance of power is needed between the functional and product sides of the organization, and a dual-authority structure is needed to maintain that balance.

•Condition 3. The environmental domain of the organization is both complex and uncertain. Frequent external changes and high interdependence between departments require a large amount of coordination and information processing in both vertical and horizontal directions. Under these three conditions, the vertical and horizontal lines of authority must be given equal recognition. A dual-authority structure is thereby created so the balance of power between them is equal.

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