midterm exam 21

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Please watch this Tedtalk on Chris Abani:


Chris Abani discusses the idea of “ubuntu” in his Ted talk. What does he argue about this concept? What is he really trying to tell us? What remarkable people have you learned about so far in this course? Are they reflecting humanity back at you? Or are they instead a reminder of why we need to reclaim humanity?

How does Abani’s concepts relate to US history? Please provide three specific examples from Unit 01 and 02 that supports your argument. Please include evidence from your readings, videos and information we have discussed thus far in this course. Please write in 3rd person scholarly voice and use MLA in-text citations to support for your ideas.

Here is more Chris Abani’s Bio: http://www.ted.com/speakers/chris_abani.html

Please write a multi-paragraphed essay and include specific evidence of from Unit 01 and 02 assignments, readings, videos, etc. Please use MLA citations within your essay and a Words Cited page.

*Note: Include your Works Cited page on the same document as your essay. You should have a minimum of 4 different sources, but no more than 10.

*Note: try to write this in 3rd person Point of View (Scholarly tone): He, She, It, They. This essay is different than writing a discussion board. You are writing a research essay exam.

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