integrated marketing distribution channel

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Each of the following entities within the distribution channel may require an incentive to purchase a product to move it along the channel.

  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail buyers
  • Salespersons in retail stores
  • Customers

For each of the above entities:

  1. Select a product that might flow through the entire channel. You may use a single product that would move through all the entities in a single channel or a different product for each entity.
  2. Discuss a strategic objective for each entity in which a sales promotion may be strategically used. You will want an objective that helps move the product through each entity along the channel. This may mean a different objective for each entity or one that includes them all.
  3. Select and describe the sales promotion tactic you will use for each entity to reach your strategic objectives for that entity.
  4. How long might each sales promotion tactic work? Explain your answer.

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