super easy us history discussion question

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Discuss the Premise Statement below as to whether or not it is a valid statement. Briefly (a paragraph or less) agree or disagree with the statement using facts. Your statement or response to other students statements should be courteous and professional.

Premise Statement

The late 19th century industrial expansion in the aftermath of the Civil War established the foundation that set the United States on a course to become the dominant nation in world in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Use your assigned readings and other credible sources to affirm or contradict one of the following comments as it relates to the Premise Statement above:

a. Did the rise of organized labor contributed to the rise of the American middle class by raising wages, increasing benefits and improving working conditions. If yes, explain, if no explain.

b. Did industrialization alter American demographics as more people left farms and rural areas and moved to large cities in order find work. If yes, explain. If no, explain.

c. Did industrialization and urbanization have unintended consequences such as segregated neighborhoods and poverty that linger today.

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