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1) CAPM is a center piece theory in finance which has been applied to various models, research papers etc. I would like you to independently research one article that talks about an application of CAPM in financial markets and write on it.

2) 1. Read Nonprofit Boards and Their Relevance in Governance: An Invitation to Engage


2. Write two paragraphs reviewing the assigned reading. In your paper,

a. Identify the title and the name(s) of the author(s) of the assigned reading(s). (1 point)

b. Identify the topic of the reading. (1 point)*

c. Identify why the author wrote the document. (This is the purpose or the theme.)**(2 points)

d. Explain the author’s major arguments and conclusions. (3 points)

e. Explain how the information from the reading related to the management of nonprofit organizations. (3 points)

*The topic identifies the “who, what, when, and how” of the reading.

**The theme identifies the purpose or what the writer wants the reader to learn.

3) * Salamon, L., Hem, L., and Chinnock, K. ( 2000). The Nonprofit Sector: For What and for Whom? (pp.1-30)

Available online at – unable to access this http.

Search or google- The Nonprofit Sector: For What and for Whom? ( I located data )

Assignment /Questions below:

*Case Study 1- Give a Brief background of the nonprofit entity.

4)… write a critique on this article using the format below

BRIEF OVERVIEW In this article,

CRITIQUE The title of the article made sense considering what the researchers in this study sought to accomplish… SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ARTICLE The research conducted in this article supports the idea that…

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