what is the important of microfinance

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1. Re-write this paragraph in your our words and expand on it.

” Ghana is a fitting country to implement index insurance policies and investigate their impact on smallholder farmer welfare. (1) The Ghanaian agricultural sector is dominated by smallholder farmers… (2) Ghanaian smallholder farmers remain highly exposed to agricultural risks, especially in the northern regions of the country where drought probability is higher (3) Ghana is a relatively politically stable country with rule of law … (4) Ghana has relatively developed financial markets including a fledgling agricultural insurance industry that is looking to expand its market and improve the quality of its products. In this context, I will conduct an impact evaluation of an agricultural index insurance program that will be conducted in Ghana.”

2. summarize the attched paper in the ways that it relates to the agricultural sector in Ghana. IN ONE PARAGRAPH (NAIR and FISSHA 2010)

3. the importance of microfinance/microcredit in short paragraph. use only the attached paper as referenced (Perron 2016, Morduch 1999)


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