full research project

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To complete this question you need to do all the listed parts of the project

1- esearch proposal 2 pages

2- Research outline 2-3 pages

3- Bibliography – at least 30 sources – 50% of the sources should be scholarly (peer reviewed) journals and books

4- Partial Rough Draft 10-12 pages of the final paper

5- Final research paper 20-25 pages

6- Formal presentation 10-12 minutes

The topic I will be doing this project about is ( Arm conflict )

All the details and the instructions are found in the attached file


General Background:

A. Project Overview and Context: Your project must have as its central theme some issue/problem of global social justice. That is, it cannot focus on the internal dynamics of an individual country. However, specific details or dynamics of particular countries may be incorporated as evidence or examples to support your central thesis. The analysis must be explicitly grounded in one or more aspects of global social justice as discussed in the “Global Justice” reading.

B. Critical Components: There are five specific critical components or questions that need to be thoroughly examined in your analysis.

1. What is the nature of injustice(s) or oppression relevant to the selected issue?

2. What are the key historical developments, cases, situations, etc. that have shaped the issue?

3. What are the contemporary political dynamics of the global social justice issue?

4. How do policies relevant to the issue have an impact on various groups/individuals?

5. What are potential solutions to correct the injustices that have been identified?

Assignments Overview: Several individual assignments comprise this project. Each is detailed below and builds on previous assignments and the feedback that you receive on them. Some assignments are written while others are oral in nature. The final product is twofold: a research paper of 20-25 pages (6000 – 7500 words) in length (exclusive of title page, appendices and bibliography); a formal presentation that discusses your research topic and findings.

All written assignments should adhere to the style guide for your discipline: Criminal Justice – APA; Political Science – Chicago.

All the details and the instructions are found in the attached file

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