3 slides only with notes and the reference

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3 slides on the below with speaker notes in APA format

  • Analyze how consumers share health information through the company or the product.
  • Analyze the implications of communication methods used when sharing health information.
    • Consider communication from physicians, pharmacies, and consumers when information is shared.

    The presentation will be a insurance company launching a new medical product for the exchange. The insurance company will be Aetna and looking a new ancillary coverage package where the patients/consumers can also purchase vision and dental coverage. I want to emphasis on the one who do not have transportation and purchase a the transportation service through the insurance.

I have attached the powerpoint I want to use. But I only need 3 slides talking about the the new program (transportation) for the members.l only need 1 or 2 references, the notes can be 50-75 word


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