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* I have two task in my assessment I finish task1 don’t do anything on it

i need you to finish task 2 only which is about the Reference,

# attach my work in task 1 “RM CW1”

# attach example of task 2 “Task 2 -cce-harvad refrences(( example ))”

# bdf file rad the task 2 “CW1”

**TASK- 2: Visit the Library & Resource Center, e-brary and Internet sites and look for the literature like books, e-books, journal/conference papers, report, articles, videos etc., (preferably) related to the project topic or area. For this literature found, write the in-text citation and prepare the reference in CCE-Harvard referencing style.

There must be: 2 Library books or E-library books, 5 Journal or Conference Papers/Reports or Magazine Articles etc., 2 Web based resource like websites, electronic report, videos etc. and 1Image in Book

# i need 10 references.

# ‘Harvard Referencing (CCE Style) First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing references. This downloadable document can be found in our CCE portal at:….’ << i attached the file “Caledonian College of Engineering”

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