For this assignment You will write a rough draft and a final draft .You will write your Cause and Effect paragraph on one of the following topics:

1. Playing a sport

Cause and Effect Paragraph

Topic sentence

Topic sentence revised a second time.

Topic sentence revised a third time.

List of details I will use in the paragraph

-Detail one

-Detail two

-Detail three

-Detail four

-Detail five

-Detail six

You will write out your entire rough draft of the paragraph.Your rough draft must be 8-14 detailed sentences.

Your final draft should be well crafted. Your final draft must be 8-14 detailed sentences.

Again, you are submitting a rough draft paragraph and then a final draft paragraph all in the same document. You will not receive full credit if you do not submit both of the drafts in this location. Again, you must brainstorm by writing the rough draft, then rewrite it in the final draft. Think of it as a two part assignment. This assignment is worth 25 points, so make sure you complete the assignment properly.

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