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For this discussion, you will investigate the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in more detail to see how the information from this site is used and can be used in health care information management.

On the CMS Web site ( ), you will investigate information on database administration, HIPAA, information security, and enterprise architecture. To get there, go to the home page, then to CMS Programs & Information located in the middle of the page and click Research, Statistics, Data, & Systems.

On that page, select one of the following to research. They are located under the CMS Information Technology section of the page:

  • Database administration.
  • Enterprise architecture.
  • HIPAA.
  • Information security.

Once you have selected a topic, provide a general overview of how the CMS utilizes this information in relation to Medicare and Medicaid.

Once you are done, refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to make sure you have met the requirements of this discussion.

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