chapter 14 reflection assignment

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Part 1:

You will be submitting a reflective written response to the textbook chapter for this module.

The “reading response” assignment is a technique for engaging in a dialogue with the instructor. The dialogue should be academic in nature, but can also be personal as you relate the information to your life. Do not simply tell me what the chapter presented. Instead, SHOW ME that you have read and understood the chapter by integrating information from it into your more personal, reflective thoughts on the topic. The “reading response” entry should respond to the following question:

Chapter Fourteen: Preventing Child Maltreatment

  1. In the prevention of child abuse, do you think it makes sense to target potential child victims (the focus of most current prevention programs (rather than parents and/or potential perpetrators). What prevention/intervention can you come up with or maybe have seen and why or why not would they be effective? (At least 400 words)

Part 2:

Preventing Child Maltreatment Discussion

Here you will discuss various thoughts, observations, disagreements, etc. related to this module and your own perspectives. You are encouraged to include your personal experiences and observations as part of these discussions. (At least 200 words)

Part 3:

What was the hardest topic you encountered this semester in this class and what did you learn from it? (At least 200 words)

What other topics about child maltreatment could I include in this class that would make it a better learning experience for those who are in the class? You could also answer what topic could I remove (one you thought unnecessary or boring). (At least 200 words)

Textbook: McCoy, M. L., and Keen, S.M. (2014). Child Abuse and Neglect, 2nd Ed.

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