chapter 7 writing assignment

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Chapter 7, Mobile Technologies and Commerce.

Mobile computing has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Portable devices that connect wirelessly to the Internet are lighter, smaller, thinner, and much more powerful. Popular smartphones devices are now capable of performing functions like watching full-length movies that weren’t even available on desktop computers a few years ago.

New categories of handheld devices, like the Kindle eReader and the Apple iPad are being rapidly adopted. Along with the growth of smartphones, these powerful mobile devices are creating a wide range of new mobile commerce opportunities.

  1. Turn to page 204 and read IT at Work 7.2 Angry Birds Make Mobile Game Developers Happy
  2. Respond to questions 1 through 4
  3. Turn to page 205 and read IT at Work 7.3 Wireless Marketing and Advertising in Action
  4. Respond to questions questions 1 through 6
  5. Turn to page 219 and respond to questions 1 through 10

1.Why did established companies like Nintendo and Sony fail to gain an early position in the growing mobile gaming market?

2.How are mobile games different from traditional video games? What advantages do mobile game apps have over traditional game makers?

3.Gaming is the most popular mobile app category in the U.S. Social Media apps are the third-largest category. What do you think this says about the role of mobile devices in the lives of U.S. consumers?

4.Since most gaming apps are free, how do developers make money in this category?

5.Describe some ways in which people are using mobile devices to shop for products and services?

6.What are some ways in which traditional brick-and-m,ortar retailers can use mobile technology to enhance a customer’s in-store shopping experience.

7List types of mobile entertainment available to consumers. Explain each.

8.List some ways that travelers and travel-related businesses are using mobile technology. Describe how.

9.How are companies using QR codes to promote products and services to mobile consumers? Why are QR codes not as popular in the U.S. as they are in Asia and other parts of the world

10.Explain why the mobile gaming market represents such a lucrative market opportunity.

11.Explain how mobile computing technology is being used by brick and mortar retailers to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

12.Describe some of the latest advances in mobile computing devices. What trends do you see in the develoipment of this equipment? Speculate on how future devices might look or function.

13.Based on how other industries have developed over time, what do you predict will occur in the area of mobile device operating systems? (HINT: How does this market compare to the operating system market for personal computers?)

14.Describe some of the key developments in wireless network technology that have taken place in the last few years.

15.How are people using mobile devices to conduct banking and other financial services? Explain.

16.Evaluate the various mobile electronic payment processes described in the chapter. Which ones do you think are likely to emerge as the dominate method for mobile payment? Explain your answer.

17.What are some of the risks faced by consumers who use mobile devices for banking and other financial transactions? Why are these risks? Do any have more benefit than risk?

18.What are the key benefits of using a mobile wallet? Do you think new improvements to this mobile application will make it more attractive to end users?

19.How has mobile computing changed the retail shopping behavior of consumers?

20.Describe the mobile entertainment market and ways people can use their mobile devices to have fun.

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