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Drawing on at least THREE rhetorical theorists, write a 4 pages paper that answers the question: What is rhetoric? To write this paper, you should begin by giving YOUR OWN definition of rhetoric OR your favorite theorist’s definition. You should then break down the key terms of your/their definition explaining what each means for what rhetoric is. In your explanation, you should explain where your understanding of each came from, i.e., which rhetorical theorists. If you choose one theorist’s definition as your favorite be sure to break down the key terms and explain how your understanding of rhetoric compares and contrasts to theirs. This option still requires that you draw upon other theorists’ conception of rhetoric to explain your choices. As your key terms are probably connected to the problematics of rhetoric we have been discussing all semester, I encourage you to discuss these where relevant. Some of the problematics in defining the rhetoric:

  • Type(s) of discourse: what type of discourse (speech, writing, visual) constitutes rhetoric?
  • Goal and intent: what is the goal of find truth? To persuade? To understand? To create mutual agreement? Tot inform? To entertain?
  • The power
  • The style vs substance
  • Locus of rhetorical judgment
  • Centrality to human experience.

Use proper in-text and reference page citations in APA format.


Use this Aristotle definition as the main definition. The definition is “Rhetoric is the faculty of discovering in any particular case all of the available means of persuasion”

Break down this definition and explain it well.

I have attached chapter 5 and chapter 10 as the other chapters that you will need to use in this paper.


For chapter 5, please focus on the Cicero and his definition of rhetorical theory. The definition is “Rhetoric is one great art comprised of five lesser: invention, disposition, elocution, memoria , and pronunciation” “rhetoric is speech designed to persuade”

You will find more details to use on chapter 5 pages(94,95, and 96)(please check them and use them in the paper)


For chapter 10, also related the chapter and the information in the chapter to the main definition we are using which is Aristotle definition. Please talk about how it is related by positive way.


For this homework, please only use the chapters no other resources needed. Please mention the page number when you use any information form the chapter. And as usual. Please make it a good paper. Do not use big words and make good argument in the paper.

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