Chinese History question

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  1. Read or watch the Course Materials provided for each week.
  2. Create a Discussion Board post in which you write a 1-paragraph response to each of the following focus questions (for a total of 3 paragraphs):
    1. When did the first Westerners arrive in China and what were their goals?
    2. What were the political, economic, and social challenges faced by both sides in dealing with the other?
    3. How did European nations use diplomacy and war to gain power and what were the results for China and the West?

    Course Material:………

  3. Video Links(s): Asia and the Challenge of the West

    Source: “The Two Coasts of China: Asia and the Challenge of the West.” Accessed June 23, 2016Note on Source: Episode 1 of the 1992 PBS Emmy-award winning ten-part documentary series the Pacific Century, about the rise of the Pacific Rim economies. The series was a co-production of the Pacific Basin Institute and KCTS-TV in Seattle. Principle funding was provided by the Annenberg Foundation.Instructions: Please click on the following links, which discuss the nature, causes, and effects of European encounters with China:

    Terms of Use: Please respect the copyright and terms of use displayed on the web page above.

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