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Instructions/info – Do not to exceed two pages in length, double spaced, 12 pt font – I will only read the first two pages submitted, nothing more will count.

Of the following three topics, choose one (1.,2., or 3.) – stay within the page length maximum.

((Want to earn the most points, be certain research information is included within your work that validates your statements/opinion.))


Topic 1: We know a president can be impeached, but what about a sitting president being indicted and prosecuted while still in office – would this be constitutional? Explain the critical points of such a debate. In your conclusion, weigh in with YES or NO.

Topic 2: What is the current state of people relations within the American society – paint as narrow or as broad of picture that best satisfies how you want to treat this topic. Provide, what you believe, are the critical points needed to better understand where we are and where we’re headed as a people of the United States.

Topic 3: Two sides to every story, yes? Yet how to discern the truth and accuracy of competing positions and coverage of news by the American media? Using the current FBI probe on the Russia connection and the 2016 Presidential election, provide the ‘slant’ (using actual video/news online/hard copy newspapers, magazines, etc. etc.,) as to how at least one left leaning and one right leaning media have and continue to cover the event.

You ARE NOT TO TAKE A SIDE, simply fairly and accurately compare the news media coverage of each – perhaps providing three columns of quote(s) : major conclusion(s): bias/slant. (this is ONLY a format suggestion, you may choose whatever format you choose).

IP 6 Column suggestion topic #3.png

I. Introduction: Describe/define the issue, i.e., in your first paragraph provide a synopsis of what the controversy and/or significant concern is specific to the topic(s) selected. LENGTH: up to one-two paragraphs.

II. Resources/references/annotation: Use a minimum of two. Include the URL/link OR other annotation so they can be verified/read/accessed by me. The U.S. Constitution can count as one resource if that’s of your choosing.

III. Body of paper: be sure to utilize/integrate where/when appropriate your required resource/references and, as they directly correlate with the critical areas/points being made in your paper.

(using references) This can be accomplished by using both verbatim (quotes) and/or directed references (to what was stated) from your research. This part of the paper is where you will present the points and counterpoints and/or, the more significant area(s) discovered from your research along with your own observations and commentary pertaining to the topic chosen.

IV. Conclusion: One paragraph at the end of your paper.

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