choose one of two films and write about it , the two films are Vertigo and Adams rib

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the two films are Vertigo and Adams rib


choose one of these films and write about it. Your review should present evaluative or interpretive claims about the film, not plot summary. You are not required to make any interpretive claims, but if your review leads you in that direction, that’s great. Evaluative claims need to be backed up by evidence in the form of examples from the film.

A film contains many components about which you may write—not all of which need be included in this one short paper. The acting, the cinematography, the mise en scène, the soundtrack, the editing, the lighting: all of these are elements you might discuss in your evaluation. Another element that provides possibilities is the plot, but here you must be careful not to veer into plot summary. Don’t just describe what happened, evaluate it.


All of your papers must be typed and double-spaced. They should have a title and an opening paragraph that introduces the evaluation and the film in general before getting specific.


When I grade your papers, I will be focusing on the following elements:

  • Whether or not you make evaluative and/or interpretive claims
  • How sophisticated those claims are
  • Evidence used to support the claims
  • Grammar and mechanics

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