CIS 200 Business Analaysis

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The Business Analyst field is a growing field. What do you need to know about it to keep current? What credentials do you need?

Now it is time to put on the last minute touches.

  • You’ve spent all term submitting deliverables for your personal
    project each week. Now take the time to make any changes needed before
    you submit the final project as one deliverable.

Your opinion counts.

  • Take time to answer the following questions in a one-page document
    called Your Opinion Counts. Include the following questions in the
    document along with the answers:
  • How the Business Analyst (you) managed the events of your personal project?
  • What you learned from working on a group project and then your personal project?
  • What did you like and dislike about having a project to work on for the entire course?
  • What were the key takeaways or lessons learned from both projects?
  • What would you do differently and the same next time your work on a project?

The role of the Business Analyst changes regularly. Because
it is a flowing position, it is important to stay up on current trends
and events in the Business Analyst’s world.

  • Go to International Institute of Business Analysis’ ( iiBA) official website and research the following:
  • Certifications available for a Business Analyst
  • Review each type of certification and
    determine which certification you could pursue based on your experience.
    Find the following:
  • Locate the closet CBT location to take the exam
  • Benefits and cost for becoming a member of iiBA
  • Different types of memberships
  • Learning & Development options
  • Sign up for a public webinar
  • Choose a Quick tip to read
  • Research your local iiBA chapter and
    learn when the next event is taking place. Find out what it costs to be a
    member and what types of memberships are available.

For your task, submit a deliverable answering the question about the IT project and your personal project.

  • Submit your final project as one deliverable and the Your Opinion Counts document.

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