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Research question: Is transportation important in the economic development of a country?

Instructions: Using a minimum of 7 credible sources, with at least 4 sources coming from peer-reviewed journals

The other sources used throughout the paper can be of your choice.

Format your paper in APA format according to the guidelines that are given for your particular curricular division, that is, the curricular division in which the subject for your paper is located.

Length: The research paper should be 9 to 10 pages in length. The paper will include a reference page, title page, and abstract.The page count refers only to the text of the paper itself. You will lose points on your final research project if you go over the 10 page limit by more than 250 words. Part of effective writing is being able to complete the assignment within the designated limits set.

Sources: Your final source page should contain at least 7 sources; you will lose points if you have fewer. Points will also be deducted if you do not consistently follow the format rules for the style you are using in your paper.

The link to five peer reviewed journals have been included down below. I included the five links because for this paper we are required to use at least four peer reviewed journals from my school library. I thought these five journals were the most useful for the topic but if they do not work for you, you can use very little information from them if need be.

1. Sustainable transport and Economic Development

September 1997, Volume 31, Part 3, Pages 325-330

Ken Gwilliam

2. A Note on Scale Economies in transport

September 1997, Volume 31, Part 3, Pages 309-315

Tae Hoon Oum and Yimin Zhang

3. The impacts of port infrastructure and logistics performance on economic growth: the mediating role of seaborne trade


Ziaul Haque Munim and Hans-Joachim Schramm

Content type:

Original Article

22 January 2018

4. Transshipment hub port selection criteria by shipping lines: the case of hub ports around the bay of Bengal


Chathumi Kavirathna, Tomoya Kawasaki, Shinya Hanaoka and Takuma Matsuda

Content type:

Original Article

20 April 2018

5. The “Belt and Road Initiative”: impacts on TEN-T and on the European transport system

The “Belt and Road Initiative”: impacts on TEN-T and on the European transport system

Dick Dunmore, Alberto Preti & Clémence Routaboul

Published on: 23 October 2019

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