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  • Discover their Educational Genealogy and Write their Personal Narrative. (30 points)
  • Required Textbook Reading: Unit 1: “Academic History” , “Educational Genealogy”, “Why College?”, – pages 35 – 45 and “Technology and Student Success” pages 149-150


Review the sample “Educational Genealogy Chart for Carlos” in Unit 1. Begin compiling your own Educational Genealogy by using the chart on page 39. You may have to conduct interviews with some of your family members. Do not submit. This exercise is for your personal use, only, and will prepare you to write the Personal Narrative.


Write a narrative about your reasons for attending college. Respond to the five questions on page 45 in the textbook, and write two statements per question. This should be in narrative form, not question/answer format.

Include the Personal Narrative on a saved document.

  • To submit this assignment do the following:

1. Click on the ‘Personal Narrative” link above.

2. Click ‘Browse my computer’ to locate your saved document on your computer and attach it for submission.. Do not type your narrative in the comments box.

30 points

(Only the Personal Narrative will be submitted.)

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