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Review the criteria for reliable/credible sources in Chapter 15: “Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Evaluating Sources” (437-51) and watch the following YouTube video on website credibility (I know it is old, but it is still good): “How to Evaluate Information on the Web” by Wolfgram Library:

Let’s pretend I am writing an A2 paper about vaccinating children. I have the found the following sources, but I am not sure if they are credible or not. Look at each of my sources, and tell me why each is credible or not. Be sure to back your opinions up with reasons that are given in our text book and common reasoning. Focus on the credibility of the source itself (writer, publisher, etc.) and not your personal bias on the topic. Here are the source links:

  1. “Fact or Fiction?: Vaccines Are Dangerous” by Dina Fine Maron
  2. “Vaccinations: Know the Risks and Failures”–Know-the-risks-and-failures-.aspx
  3. “Vaccinations: Unsafe” by Maryssa Rillo
  4. “Why Do Some People Believe Vaccines Are Dangerous?” by Eve Watling

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