Company Analysis Project – Walt Disney Co.(DIS)

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This assignment requires financial ratio analysis on a publicly-traded company of your choosing. Do not select a bank, insurance company, financial institution, public utility or automobile company.

Examine the chosen company’s annual report and calculate the ratios listed below. See Chapter 14 for explanations of various methods of analysis. Calculate the ratios for the two most recent years(2016-2017) from available annual reports.

Please write up a report summarizing the findings. The report should include a brief introduction/synopsis of the company’s business and current business situation. Written proof of how the ratios were calculated MUST be attached to the report.

You must calculate the ratios yourself (your handwriting). Use the worksheet page below or something similar to show proof of your calculations of the ratios (show all numbers in the calculations – not just the end result).

The paper should be four (4) double-spaced, typed pages (not including the ratios and the ratio calculations). The paper should have one page of introduction/synopsis, two pages of analysis and interpretation, and one page of conclusion.

The focus should be on the analysis and your interpretation.

The analysis of the financial ratios should include insights into the meanings behind the ratios. The ratios should tell a story about how the company is doing and its prospects for the future. You need to tell that story. Do not copy directly from the annual report.

Your conclusion should provide your insights into the financial future of the company.

Make a decision. An investment recommendation should be made in the conclusion.

Do this for the Walt Disney CO. (DIS)

Attached is the chart for the ratios, please show all work.

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