Compare and Contrast Analysis Paper on USA Patriot Act Policy and Surveillance Provisions

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Compare and Contrast Analysis

The USA Patriot Act Privacy and Surveillance Provisions


The USA Freedom Act

Instructions and Requirements

The goal of this assignment is to compare and contrast viewpoints of the privacy and surveillance provisions of the USA Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act. Within the required context below, the paper should compare, analyze, ask why, discuss consequences, make an argument(s) supported by evidence and reasoning, and/or otherwise demonstrate critical analysis of the subject. Critical analysis of the topic does not merely repeat what the sources tell you. Be sure to demonstrate your comprehensive analysis and rationale for your conclusions.Of importance is that you clearly illustrate your critical thinking and analysis skills.

The USA Patriot Act originated as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Soon after September 11, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft brought before Congress a list of recommended changes in the law to combat terrorism. Some of these measures had long been opposed by members of Congress as infringing on the rights of the American people. In the summer of 2015, The Patriot Act was allowed expire and it was replaced with The USA Freedom Act.

Your paper must include the following:

Discussion of the surveillance and privacy provisions of the USA Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act.

Discussion of the pro’s and con’s illustrated in your research.

Detail and thoroughly explain your position for or against these provisions.

Propose possible solutions to controversial provisions and/or amendments to the law.

There is a large amount of published information on the topic of this paper.The videos posted on Unit 6 should assist and guide your research.

Your paper will be a minimum of 2,000 words, excluding the title page and references, and include a minimum of “five” scholarly or professional journal articles written within the last 10 years. The use of the Deets Library or other accessible library and/or the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security – Homeland Security Digital Library is required. Be sure to properly cite all sources in-text and in references.

Your research paper should include the following components:

1.Title Page (per the APA – running head, etc.)

2.Introduction (clearly stated thesis)

3.Body – use section headers for each relevant component of the paper.


5.References (formatted per the APA and on a separate page)

APA Notes: Ensure you follow APA guidelines (one inch margins, double spacing, etc.) and use an “APA title page,” proper page headers, introduction, page numbers (top right), body, in-text citations, conclusion, and properly formatted references. Remember, you must use a proper APA in-text citation for each reference (and vice versa). For more information on credible sources and other information regarding the APA format, please visit….In addition, be sure to review and follow the grading rubric provided in the course shell.

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