Please answer EACH DQ between 80-90 words. For questions numbers (2, 3, and 5 ) you will need to respond back to the post. for ex. i agree, great example ………

1.) What activities require inductive reasoning? Describe an example and explain in what capacity inductive reasoning is used.

2.) A certain person making a generalization from either crowd sourcing or direct observation and gives his interpretation with his knowledge.

If all the movie goers enjoyed the movie at one theater the critic might come to a conclusion that the movie was good and post a review that states the movie was good and that certain percentage of the people enjoyed it. This would lead others to believe that the movie was good and they would spend the 100 dollars to go see the movie, but none of these people liked the movie and feel cheated, but the other movie theater was much larger and carried more weight with the critic still staying with his first conclusion that the movie was good.

3.) Inductive reasoning is using what you already know is common in previous events, to predict what will happen in the next event. It seems to me that meteorologists must use this all the time. Tornadoes, Volcanoes and earthquakes are all unpredictable, but from what they know from previous events they try to predict what will happen in the next events. Obviously this isn’t always accurate, as weather and these phenomena are always unpredictable. But inductive reasoning helps to get a handle on what might happen

4.) What role does an axiom play in deductive reasoning? Provide specific examples of how an axiomatic system works.

5.)An axiom being a self evident truth, or a conclusion that requires no proof, that is the basis of deduction. The sky is blue is a self evident truth, making it an axiom and the phrase the color of th sky , would allude that the object is blue. This is a deduction based on the axiom. There are a number of ways that deduction works from this base of an axiom . So as Lori said in her post

the axiom stated x=y and y=z

you can deduce that x=z

or another that lava is melted rock , therefore lava is hot.

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