Complete History Philosophy Assignment 1 (LESTER)

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How. To help you with the “how” of developing your own personal philosophy, please complete the Zinn Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory (PAEI), (Zinn, 1983/1994), by registering as a “New Visitor”, completing the inventory and printing or saving the results. The link to the PAEI is also available in Helpful Links on the Home Page. (NOTE: Be sure you have looked over the reading assignments (above this assignment)–you’ll need information from them to answer the questions below).

So What. Now it is time to personalize your results. Immediately after completing the PAEI, please return here and key in the answers to the following questions to earn the first 5 points toward your Personal Philosophy Report grade:

  1. What did the instrument reveal: (a) that you already knew about yourself, and (b) that you didn’t realize before
  2. What did the instrument reveal that you can immediately apply to your current role as a student or educator?

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