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Compose a 2500 words assignment on integral to new labors vision is the belief. Needs to be plagiarism free! It is said that in order to facilitate the growing population and to meet the demands of the population for a better and enhanced lifestyle. (Imrie, Raco, 2003). Urbanization of a city may be planned or natural.

Urban policy is basically a set of directions that a city follows in order to make various decisions regarding the city’s progress towards further urbanization. It relates to various rules regulating the flow of the resources in and out of the city, establishment or de-establishment of industries, communication networks, etc. (Imrie, Raco, 2003). It deals with very intricate details regarding every aspect of an urban area including the policies regarding the people migrating into the city and also of the people migrating out of the area. This movement of people is the basic criterion that defines the urbanization or de-urbanization of a city. In accordance with this inflow and outflow of the population all other urban policies of a city government are structured. (Geyer, 2009).

These policies include detailed structured policies regarding transportation systems, communication networks (phone lines, internet connections, etc.), infrastructure (buildings, commercial and residential areas, industrial areas, export production regions, ports, etc.) and many other areas of development in a city. (Geyer, 2009). It also deals with the regulations like licensing of various above-mentioned areas of urban planning (like licenses for conducting business, licenses for using resources, licenses for building infrastructure, etc.) and decides if there should be the requirement of licensing altogether or not. All in all, an urban policy regulates how a city is laid out, how it functions, who lives there and who does not, what business takes place in the society, how people communicate, etc. (Imrie, Raco, 2003).

Throughout times, the various ruling parties in Britain have been continuously implementing various newly defined&nbsp.urban policies.&nbsp.

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